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The Lord Mayor's Company

  LMC photo courtesy of Russ Matthews Photography

photo courtesy of Russ Matthews Photography

The Lord Mayor's Company is a stage act of many talents. Our repertoire currently includes five 20 to 30 minute send-ups of Shakespearean works. A sixth may be on the way, as well as several other projects with a renaissance flavor.

Spring is officially here and the LMC has emerged from its mild winter to begin preparing in earnest for the upcoming festival season. We are booked for the entire run of the Oklahoma Renaissance Faire at the Castle in Muskogee. Word has it we will once again be on the stage in the Castle proper, and we await our official show times (as we are sure all of you do as well). We have also been approached and plan on being part of the third annual Great Bend Renaissance Faire in Great Bend, Kansas on June 30th and July 1st. We were pleased to be part of their first season, which was unfortunately cut short by Mother Nature, and we were much entertained by the spirit of the performers and patrons alike in that area.

As the preparations proceed, we have begun planning for all circumstances by making Bianca la Bete a permanent member of the LMC. Last season she filled in admirably for Beatrice when matters took her away from us during Muskogee and she did such an exemplary job as well as being an excellent fit within the troupe that we could not let her go. Whether it is Beatrice or Bianca joining us on stage, they both make us look good.

Part of what takes Beatrice from us is her work as a founding member of Haute Flash Burlesque, one of the newer groups responsible for the Burlesque Revival in Kansas City. They are known for producing cabaret-style shows as fundraisers for homeless pets. A different beneficiary is chosen for each event to show support for the many animal aid groups in the Kansas City region. To find out more information about their efforts, take a look at our Links Page.

And before we close up here and get back to rehearsal, the LMC would regretfully acknowledge the passing in January of our good friend/heckler/critic and supporter Patrick Patterson, the rogue also known as Argon of the Blue Hand. We are saddened by the loss of one who was there for the LMC in our early days, and continued to be one of our staunchest supporters to the end. But cancer is not swayed by what we would have or what we would wish. Our thoughts continue to be with his family and friends. However, in our melancholy we are resolute in this; we call for a moratorium on any more deaths of our friends for this year. Stay safe, treat others well, see your doctor sooner rather than later, and above all else- see all the LMC shows that you can.

So there you have it. We will continue to look into more venues for our performances closer to home. So be sure to keep up with our adventures on the Book of Face. We wish you all the best and whether onstage or not, Play well with others.



The Lord Mayor’s Company

Alistair, Kate, Beatrice, Fawkes and Gernot, the Prop Boy...and NOW with more Bianca!

Kate and Alistair monitor our page on Facebook, as well as our email account So if you have questions, commentary, reviews or photographic evidence to share with us, these tools provide an excellent communication venue.


Keep checking back here for more updates, photos and videos.







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